Thursday, February 25, 2016

How to Update

Since its release in 2001, PlayStation 2 has become one of the best-selling video game consoles of all time. PlayStation 2 owes its success to its large game library and availability of third-party software such as "Action Replay Max." "Action Replay" quickly became a popular cheat tool for gamers and boasted a database of more than 5,000 cheat codes. However, as new games are released the database becomes outdated. "Action Replay Max" can be updated with the use of a pen drive.



    Take off the protective cover of the pen drive and insert the drive into the USB port of your computer.


    Download the updated code list. (See Resources) Once the download completes, open the folder on your computer. The Windows File Manager will now open.


    Select the "00000_10789_ActionRepl.max" file then click "Extract all files" located in the top left corner. The "Windows Extraction Wizard" will open. Follow the onscreen instructions then click "Next." Check the box titled "Show extracted files."


    Select the recently extracted "00000_10789_ActionRepl.max" file. Click "Copy this file." The "Copy Items" window will open. Select the pen drive and then click "Copy." Once the files have finished copying to the pen drive, remove it from the computer.


    Insert the pen drive into one of the PlayStation 2 USB ports.


    Insert a PS2 memory card into one of the two memory card slots on the PlayStation 2 console. Turn on your PS2 and boot up "Action Replay Max." Once "Action Replay Max" has fully loaded, use the left arrow on your controller to scroll over to "Memory Manager." Press the "X" button to select it. The "Select Primary Device" screen will appear. Scroll down and select "Memory Card" by pressing the "X" button. Press the "Triangle" button to go back one screen.


    Select "Pen Drive" by pressing the "X" button. The "00000_10789_ActionRepl.max" file will appear; select it by pressing the "X" button. The update file will now copy to your memory card and install itself. Once the process is complete a message will appear prompting you to restart the console. Restart the console. Once "Action Replay Max" completely restarts, it will be fully updated.

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