Tuesday, April 15, 2014

"Devil May Cry 3" is a video game about demons and monsters who fight each other for power over the demonic world. The game contains a human-demon hybrid that fights for light despite being part darkness. Dante and Trish are the main characters and the game centers around them trying to meet with the demon lord Mundus. You play the game through cut-scenes and missions that require the collection of red orbs which function as the game's currency. Getting unlimited orbs requires an Action Replay cheat device and a list of codes.



    Insert the Action Replay cartridge into the PS2 before inserting the game. Select "Devil May Cry 3" from the game select list.


    Enter the following codes: "0E3C7DF2 1645EBB," and "0C1794B3 F8FCFDFD." Those codes must be on for any of the other codes to work.


    Enter the following infinite red orbs code: "3C6B57F3 85F19EFF."


    Insert the code for infinite yellow orbs: "3C6B57DF F8FCFBD7."


    Insert the code to always have three blue orbs: "3C6B57F7 F8FCFEF3."


    Launch the game once you inserted all the codes you wish to use. Infinite orbs are now available.

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